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Ynass Benhayoun

I am Ynass BENHAYOUN, 37 years of age, and I have worked for Sitel since 2014.

My story began with an anecdote when we started introducing ourselves during the first day of training. I happened to learn then, to my great surprise, that the trainer shared my last name. It was an unbeknown cousin of mine. 🙂

Sitel is not only my workplace but as my second family, a place that has provided me with a myriad of possibilities and opportunities, professional and personal alike. A place which has enabled me to make new acquaintances and friends, and to purchase my own new car. 🙂

Sitel is, without a doubt, an excellent company to develop one’s professional skills, acquire experience and establish a career. I had initiated myself as a customer support associate, distinguished myself with my hard work, team spirit and potential, to climb the ladder and become a team manager within only a year. Having said that, I am always thriving to learn and grow more to reach better heights within the company.

Now that I am a member of Max Community, I know that new projects will bring new and better changes.

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