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Veronica Cardenas

Hi everyone! I’m very happy to be able to tell my story within the company.

I’m Veronica Cardenas, I’m 21 years old and I’m professional in modern languages with emphasis on digital communication. My story in Sitel began on December 18, 2019 when I was looking for my internship, a friend was doing her internship in Sitel, but she was about to finish it so she recommended me and I shared my resume, after waiting a week I received an incredible notice that I was selected for the position.

I was the community manager of the company for 6 months in which I grew professionally and personally. Sitel gave me the opportunity to learn and show the skills I had to offer in the marketing area, where I could communicate, record, edit, design. etc. I met amazing people and learned from each of them.

When the time of my internship was over, I couldn’t continue because there wasn’t a position where I could be in the same area and then for another 6 months I was looking for a job and didn’t get it, but in January 2021, I received another awesome advice from Sitel.

Today I returned to the company and I’m the Marketing Specialist of Sitel Colombia in the Bogota City. I am very happy and grateful to Sitel because it was my first job and now Sitel gave me a second chance to continue contributing and helping every day to grow the company with an incredible team who make me happy and support me to give my best every day in a position which I’m very passionate about.


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