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Venci-Slav Kalchev

In March as the situation with Covid-19 went crazy, I was on the lookout for a job and I applied for a position that was open in Sitel, and the first thing that amazed me was how quick and easy everything happened. While most of the companies were postponing or canceling their interviews, everything in Sitel was running smooth, and all the needed safety measures were taken and I am pretty sure that it was not as easy as it seemed for the people in the HR department, kudos!

From the first day of my journey in Sitel, everyone was super friendly and made sure that we feel at home even when we were in the office. Such a work environment is very important so every member of the team can feel safe and comfortable.

The learning process was great, our learning specialist took us through all we had to know, so we can do our job with confidence and after we finished the training part and continued with the real deal, we still received advice tips and support when we needed it from our colleagues and team leaders. Basically, it is an amazing experience, this is the reason why I never stop inviting my friends that are looking for a new start to pay us a visit!

Thank you for your time and see you soon!

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