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Tilokama Traore

Hi all, My name’s Tilokama TRAORE From Abidjan, this is my Sitel story.

I have started working at Sitel in October 2018. I really appreciate being in a company known worldwide like Sitel. I am actually working as a customer service agent and I expect in the future a leading position where I could learn more and improve my knowledge and skills.

At Sitel, I appreciate the fact that we have opportunities to be at the top level in less than one year of activity. You may start as a customer agent and 6 months later be a manager when there is a job offer related to that position.

I love to learn from others and happy to know that other people learn from me as well.

I am very glad to be part of the MAX project as a MAX Insider since October 2019. With the MAX project, we build a real associates experience and have a valuable employee experience with the associates from all around the world.

Thank You.

Ivory Coast

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