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Stefan Jacobi

Hi, I am Stefan and I am a team manager located in Düsseldorf. When the Corona situation became a full-grown crisis in Germany, we (as in our operations managers) were already in discussions with our client about how we can keep our hundreds of employees safe.

We quickly came to believe that we should do everything to ensure our most precious part of the project, our agents, have to be kept safe. What are we and what is our client without the agents? We quickly set up plans and began to send home the first couple of people, the ones belonging to high-risk groups. That was also a good test for the things to come, our project has never put Sitel at Home in place before. With the great help of our IT, coaches, trainers and project management, we found a reliable setup for our project at home. We quickly began to conduct trainings and send people home, regardless of their position, just based on rational thoughts, urgent cases first.

Within 1.5 weeks, we send more than 80 people home. Let me tell you, we were exhausted after the first week, some of us dreamt of the Sitel at Home training, I’m sure. Nevertheless, we didn’t give up and kept the pace high. As of today, only absolutely necessary staff is left on-site and of course the ones who, for some reason, cannot work from home. I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved during the last 10 days, as a team, project, as people, as a community. This is why I love to work at Sitel. And with the great Sitelians. Stay safe, healthy and keep up the great work, everyone!


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