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Ricardo Camarneiro

As Lisbon 7 Rios Site Director, I am really proud to mention that in this new and unforeseen situation we are living, we feel that we are more together than ever. We worked as a team and in two weeks, we were able to put 97% of our Workforce in a W@H mode!

During that period, we were all HR, IT, OPS, Facilities, etc.. regardless of the job position, we all helped to make this possible and we received “kudos” from our associates and our clients.

More importantly, business is rolling and our people are safe!



In this unprecedented time, we’re highlighting #SitelHeroes to spark inspiration and positive conversation when we need it most. From adjusting to working from home, implementing social distancing measures in our sites and keeping up with the daily changes around the globe, we are  celebrating stories of success, motivation, overcoming challenges and more. Visit and search hashtag #SitelHeroes.

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