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Rebecca Sanders

In September, I celebrated my 3-year anniversary with Sitel Group. While I’ve only been with the company for three years, I’ve seen such drastic and transformative change occur within the organization (and with my own career!). However, one thing remains the same at Sitel: the company’s focus on people. We don’t just say that we are people-focused and invest in our people – we do it in real, tangible ways with projects like Sitel MAX, CXperts, SitelFit, etc. – many of which I’ve had the honor to work with directly.

At Sitel, we truly are non-hierarchical, non-political. Our leadership listens to everyone in the organization – and applies their ideas and suggestions when they can. In my short time with the company, I feel like I’ve really been able to make a difference – something I believe is rare when you work for such a large company.

As a working mom, I sometimes feel I’m never “good enough” in either of my roles – employee and mother/wife. I love both of these jobs dearly, and I need both of them to feel fulfilled as a person. But, finding that balance is a struggle each and every day – and I know every working mom around the globe would agree with me. Work/life balance is something that I don’t think you can ever truly achieve. It’s more of an ebb and flow – sometimes you need to be more focused on work, while other times your focus must be more on your personal life. It’s a constant battle, both physically and emotionally, but one well worth fighting. But being a working mom at Sitel, I truly feel I’m given the flexibility and grace I need. We work hard and rarely have a slow moment, but we get things done in a way that we feel accomplished and that we’re truly making a difference in people’s lives – both our employees and our clients’ customers.

While I’m always (and will continue) searching for the perfect “work/life balance,” I try to always focus on what I have control over: my attitude and effort. I believe attitude and effort are the only things you have direct control over in your career and your personal life.

Attitude is defined as “the way that you think and feel about it, especially when this shows in the way you behave.” I think your attitude affects everything – how you treat others and how they treat you. By bringing a positive (or negative) attitude forth, you are forging others’ opinion of you before they have created that opinion themselves.
Effort, or more simply, trying, is directly proportional to what you’re passionate about. If you truly care about something, you will try hard and make it happen. Ensure you’re doing something that you’re really passionate about – it makes it easier to do great work!

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