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Paulo Renato Bernardes Ferreira

Throughout my professional experience, there was a department that I only remember the existence, when something went wrong – when I was facing an issue with my pc or was not able to access a needed tool. I was calling or raising a ticket to the IT department, and sometimes, I was really frustrated because I didn’t receive the answer that I expected at the time that I defined as fair.

I need to confess that I was not happy with IT teams all the time and several times, I consider them a block to my goals.

A few weeks ago, a cloud of uncertainty and concern spread all over the world and when everybody was criticizing the governments, complaining about the companies and assumed a judgmental position against all the people that were around them. A department raised from their anonymity and started to work on solutions and to prepare the future.

In a few days, the network team, the telephone team, developers and On-Site engineers prepared and deployed complex technological solutions that allow thousands of Sitel associates to work from home.

The IT teams worked hard day and night, ensuring that the associates’ well-being and the clients’ business would continue. In the past weeks, the IT teams moved from the backstage to the center stage and they are my #SitelHeroes.

I’m highlighting the IT team’s work because they are not always congratulated and their merit and importance for the business are not always reinforced, but in a moment of need, they were there, working tirelessly! They were not thinking, they were doers!

I don’t want to be unfair; all the departments were providing overwhelming support to ensure the safety of all associates that moved to work from home and the ones that are on the site, but it is fair to say that the IT teams exceed themselves.


In this unprecedented time, we’re highlighting #SitelHeroes to spark inspiration and positive conversation when we need it most. From adjusting to working from home, implementing social distancing measures in our sites and keeping up with the daily changes around the globe, we are  celebrating stories of success, motivation, overcoming challenges and more. Visit and search hashtag #SitelHeroes.

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