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Paulina Głuchowska


I’m Paulina, but everyone calls me Pixi. Now I’m a Team Manager in Sitel Warsaw. My journey here was very unexpected. The fact that right now I’m in this position is still kinda unbelievable to me.

I joined Sitel in November 2017, after a long, hitchhiking trip across Europe. I urgently needed work cause I spent all my money and had nothing to come back to. My friend just sent my CV and 1 week after coming back I started my training. Honestly, working in a call centre was never my dream, so this job was supposed to be a very temporary one. I was sure I’d leave after 2-3 months. Surprise, 2 years passed a week ago 🙂

Why did I decide to stay? I met so many amazing people. I was one of the few Polish people, so I had a huge opportunity to meet people from so many countries. This was the only thing that kept me in Sitel at that time. I really enjoyed it!

I remember during my training I laughed and told my manager, “You will see. I’ll become a manager here soon as well.” That was a time when I was literally joking. But after months, I started realizing that I’m really good at what I’m doing. It wasn’t only the people around me that were keeping me here. I was the first one to be considered as a mentor on the project; then I won the assessment for CTT. That was the moment I realized how many things I have learned from my manager and how I’m changing the way of thinking, that I started having different priorities.

This wasn’t an easy period in my life. A lot of things were happening in my private life and the CTT Programme was literally keeping me motivated. Becoming better and better was my goal. This was something that was only up to me.

Unfortunately, I failed the Assessment to become a TM. My whole motivation disappeared. I didn’t feel that useful, started having excuses for every mistake and I was so close to quitting this job, I even started looking for another.

The breakthrough moment when I got to a new Team, a new Team Manager that believed in me more than I did. I can say that if not him, I wouldn’t be here.

There was no one else that trusted me so much, wanted to teach me. I felt I’m ready to take this big step and become a Manager.

And right after that, I got information that starting next month I would be having my own Team! After all these months of ups and downs, I got it! 😀

And here I am.. Being a coach, a mentor, a leader of my Dream Team. Still learning, still craving for more, motivated as never, doing all that is in my power to be better for people that put trust in me, for myself and for my Team. Kind of living the dream, that unexpectedly is…Sitel. I’m very grateful to be a part of this.

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