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Nils-Fabian Pausch

My journey at Sitel began back in 2015 – I got invited to an assessment center and didn’t know what to expect. I had no training, only the equivalent of a high school degree and switched from job to job, hoping to find a steady workplace. I was 29 years old – thinking my ship had sailed.

After a very informal meeting with my soon to be Team Manager, I was appointed to a small project (30 FTE) and the journey we’ve taken has been amazing (now 300+ FTE). With a buddy at my side, I took my first call, insecure and with a shaky voice. With every call, my confidence grew and soon, I was asked to handle escalations. The experience was really rewarding, my colleagues were fun and I felt proud to help customers with their issues.

One day HR posted an advertisement for a fast-track scholarship. However, it was limited to Sitel employees with 3+ year tenure. Honestly, it seemed far off at that time – but from that day on, I had a goal at Sitel. I wanted to prove myself to earn a spot.

After a year I was promoted to Quality Specialist. The news arrived via phone while I was on vacation and it’s the only time I actually wanted my vacation to end. As a Quality Specialist, I’ve learned another side of our business. Numbers, processes, financing, but also coaching and training employees.

This is how I spent the next two years: learning about everything I could. With my three year tenure, I applied. And guess what? I got the spot :)! It might seem silly to some, but it was a dream I was able to achieve thanks to Sitel.

With all I’ve learned, the exam was a breeze. Now I’m 4 years at Sitel and I’m holding my training certification. I owe this to Sitel and I’m thankful for that. Four years ago, I wouldn’t have thought of pursuing a career, but who knows what the next 4 years will have in store ;)!

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