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Michelle Aguilar

Hi Sitel family!!! I am Michelle Aguilar. My name was derived from a hit song of one of the most popular bands in history, “The Beatles”. I currently work at Sitel Baguio, Philippines. I was born and raised in San Fernando City La Union and took up my college degree from the University of Baguio. The biggest hardship I encountered was relocating to 4 different cities and provinces in 3 years. The struggle was not the physical exhaustion of moving your things, but the challenge of having to learn and adapt to the different cultures of each place. I was able to surpass all of these because I could easily adapt to change and with my inborn skills of being a so-called “people person”. I can proudly say that I love interacting with others, which made me realize that this is my purpose. Now that I am with Sitel, I can say that I am finally home.

Sitel has always been my first choice ever since moving back to Baguio because I believe that Sitel truly cares for the welfare and well-being of its employees. This is manifested through the endless efforts that the company makes in providing benefits and rewards in every possible way they can. I became part of the Sitel family on August 08, 2018.

I can proudly say that I am better than before because Sitel equipped me with the learning that I am applying now in my work and my team of successful agents, both tenured and newbies. To add more, I evolved positively with Sitel because I learned that in life, you need to experience new adventures to develop and grow. With this, I am an active member of the fun team, which takes part in handling all Sitel company-wide engagement activities to make sure that life-work balance is achievable in the company.

Currently, my role as a team leader is not only limited to working inside the production floor, but it also extends to taking part in all the fun-filled and exciting Sitel activities we prepare for each event we organized. The newest thing I am working on is that I am a proud and certified Max Insider of Sitel. With this role, I can be a catalyst for change. I will be a platform for all of their ideas, suggestions and concerns of my fellow employees. I want to be a part of this team that will pioneer the development of technology that will benefit and help us in our job and also to have fun with my fellow Max insiders.

There are a lot of reasons why I love working at Sitel. First is the conducive working environment, innovative technology, health benefits, rewards and recreation. But the best part is that Sitel gives back to the community. For example, Sitel’s annual “My Dream In A Shoe Box” project; this is something I can be proud of as a Sitel employee because we reach out to different schools and provide them with learning materials. The smile from the children’s faces while saying thank you is priceless and made a lot of difference in my life. It opened not only my mind but also my heart that sharing and giving back to the community is not just a company activity but an individual responsibility that allows us to help and continue to be a blessing to others.

And this is my amazing Sitel story!!!

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