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Meagan Holliday

I started at Sitel on September 10, 2018. When I started, I did not know anybody here. I have always worked customer service, but until this point, it was in a restaurant setting. Once I reached the call floor in OCP, I was nervous. During OCP, I realized I enjoyed learning all of the different things about the account and the system. I then began learning different portions of the system whenever I had the chance. Within a month of leaving OCP, I was placed on the email team. This allowed me more time to learn the system and help other individuals with the information I already learned. Since being on the email team was the first goal I set for myself, I realized I needed a new goal to accomplish.

Once I realized how well I was learning the system, I decided I wanted to become a mentor so that I could assist new agents. I was offered the opportunity to be on the Floor Support team, which I gladly accepted. Next, I was invited to be a part of the escalation team. While I was wary of this new task at first, I had a good support team that boosted my confidence. After this, I realized that I faced my biggest fear of becoming a coach, and I survived. I realized becoming a coach was a possibility for my future. I was awarded Director’s All-Star Agent February 2019. I continue to set goals for myself, and I’m so thrilled when I accomplish them.

I will be mentoring our next class. Since I have finally reached this goal, I have already set my next goal. I continue to work towards my goals, and I feel appreciated in the assistance I provide. I started here alone, inexperienced and unsure of what the future would hold. I started here in desperate need of a job. I am proud to say I have gained so much since starting here. I made friends that will last a lifetime, I have experience in a job I was nervous to start, and I have a career, with plans of a future.

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