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Ma Dominique Corpuz

During my college days, I met Tori in one of the drinking sessions I attended and with full confidence, I told her that I would not work in a BPO Company. I ate my own words and I started with Sitel on May 15, 2013, and I’m proud to say that I never regretted that decision.

Without Sitel, I wouldn’t be able to support my kids. I was an agent for more than 4 years before finally deciding to be a learning specialist. Having stage fright, I never knew that one day, I would be in front of a crowd sharing my knowledge and experiences. I then realize that being here is not just a job but a career. Sitel will not limit your talent, just like me. As a learning specialist, I’m not limited to facilitating classroom discussions. I’m also encouraged to host Sitel events and more. Sitel helped me to bring out talents I never thought I had. That’s my Sitel Story.😁😎

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