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Luis Cardona

My name is Luis. I’m 34 years old. I am from Cali, I grew up in this city and I live in the northern part of the city. I used to be really shy, but when I was around 23, I started working as a cashier. So I had to greet the customers and help them, that was how I overcame my shyness.

I applied to work at Sitel because I was not happy with my previous job. I was a teacher. So a friend told me about the company and how well Sitel takes care of their employees, and since I like customer services, I decided to join Sitel a year ago. I started as an agent, then I started helping other agents as a mentor and later, two months ago, I was promoted to QA.

My favorite thing about Sitel is that we can wear the clothes we want; we don’t have to wear a uniform.

Sitel has given me the opportunity to learn, to grow and to feel like I am important and useful for the company.

Something I can tell you guys, the day we started taking calls, we were having communication issues, and we were not receiving calls, so we were anxious and nervous to take the first calls. And well, finally, I was the first one who got that first call. It was fun.

I’m a MAX Insider because I want to help the company improve and be the best place to work.

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