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Ludmilla Guimarães

I have worked at Sitel since 2019. And what most impressed me was the ”onboarding team”. They were always ready and available to help us (new employees). It’s is very important when you are on your first month inside a company. Their attitude inspired me to look for opportunities. Working 4 months as a Customer Support Agent, I decided to take a risk and applied for Social Media Agent job.

After 9 months working on Sitel Lisbon (Santos), when I was going home after a workday, I fell down on the street. I needed to have foot surgery and because of that, I stayed at home for almost 10 months. During all this period, Sitel managed my recovery treatment. I am extremely grateful for all support received from my Team Manager, colleagues, and Human Resource team.

When I returned to work, in the middle of Covid’s crisis, my project was ended. And guess what? Sitel offered me another job and I am working on a new challenge now. My history with this company isn’t long yet, but I think until this moment it was worth it.

Sitel Portugal

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