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Khushbu Vaidya

Hey, that’s me Khushbu. so I’ve to say something about myself at Sitel. It’s difficult to present yourself because you know yourself so well that you don’t know where to start.

I was a new Master’s student a little over a year ago, full of insecurities and lost in life, unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. Despite the fact that I knew everything for sure, I decided to pursue a career as Healthcare Representative, But I’m up for the challenge.

After months of job searching, I was lucky enough to find a position with the Customer Experience team. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but it’s a start. I had a strong feeling that this job might still help me to get where I wanted to go with my career.

Further to my Sitel interviews, part of my career path is to learn as much as I can, but in a step-by-step manner. In September 2019, I started my Sitel journey. Even though I’m a shy and quiet person, I learned that I have to step out of my comfort zone. I got to meet a lot of new people in the Company. It’s so fun to meet people with the same passion as myself. I learn a lot from them, but at the same time, I try my best to share my knowledge as well.

As an outcome of my excellent results, I was assigned to a new project, I was working on project that included several different business organizations. Few months after we ended the line, that was a heart-breaking moment for us. In this situation our coach “Pixi” was our best support system who motivate us, our “Dream Team” stayed and kept us strong. The best lesson that I have learned from my coach Pixi, you may try to do something the “easier” way only to realize that the results are not what you were hoping for. If you would have taken the time and performed the task in the “harder” way, your results would have been more satisfactory. In this situation, the life lesson would be that “easier is not always better. Being open to life lessons can help you to be more successful in both your professional and personal life and gives you the solution needed to grow as a person.

I may not have the best first year at my job, but I’m sure I have a bright future ahead in Sitel.


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