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Kelly Barton

My Sitel Story started almost four years ago, come May. I started at Sitel because my husband could no longer work. I had never worked in a call center before. I can remember the first day of training like it was yesterday. I felt like a school kid starting a new school. I kept telling myself I could do it, but deep down, I was afraid I would never make it. I would cry every day to work and back home. I wanted to give up, but my family depended on me. I decided I had to make a career out of this.

I quickly started working with coaches to move up with Sitel. My first coach saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself and that was the determination and drive to get my metrics in goal. After a very short few weeks I was helping agents on the floor and taking escalations. After 6 months, I changed accounts and I worked to become a mentor for the new account. I then knew I wanted to become a coach. I had great people all around that supported me and helped me. It took two times of applying and interviewing but finally made Coach Growth Point.

Shortly after getting Coach Growth Point, I moved to my third account. While I was in training for the new client, my husband’s health declined, and he passed away. I knew then that my children depended on me. I had to make this work for me. With the help of my Sitel family, I was able to keep working through the Coach Growth Point and make a career at Sitel. I recently finished my CGP Program and I was promoted to COACH!! My Sitel story is not over; I am just looking for my next stepping stone.

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