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Juan Emir Elía Domenjó

I joined Sitel at the end of July 2019. I met the company through a phone call for an interview. I didn’t really remember where I had sent my CV, but after hearing the proposal, I was interested enough to leave Denmark (the country where I was living) to come to Lisbon, Portugal.

I had some telephone interviews and they told me about the project, so I decided to continue with the interviews. After some phone calls, I had a Skype interview.

After they confirmed that I was going to be hired, I moved to Portugal, where the welcome team helped me find a place to live.

So far, it has been a great experience where I met people from different parts of the world. I enjoy coming to work since it is a relaxed environment with a very pleasant working vision. I hope to continue discovering the opportunities that this company offers and continue to meet more pleasant people.

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