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Jolina Sara Laguardia

With Sitel, I have learned that there is no straight definition of a woman. Whether you’re a parent who chooses not to bear a child or maybe challenged to have one; a strong, independent single person who braves any scene with her awesomeness; a daughter who continuously and selflessly provides for her family; a mom of a typical or atypical child; a person who feels differently in a different body; a friend – we are women.

Never have I felt more empowered as a woman here at Sitel.

I am a proud mama of a kid on the Autism Spectrum and with Sitel, I never felt any pressure to choose work over motherhood. This company gave me absolute freedom to exercise my right and my responsibility as a mom without discrimination and without holdbacks. I was provided the right amount of training to fulfill my role as a Learning Specialist and was given an equal opportunity when it comes to skills enhancement.

Another memorable experience I’ve had with Sitel was their dedication to being involved in the local community. On the retail account that I’m in, I was honored to have the month of April dedicated to our differently-abled friends (including my son). This proved how great Sitel is when it comes to a people-first culture.

I am currently in my 8th year with Sitel and I plan to stay for as long as the company needs me. Kudos to all empowered women of Sitel! Cheers to us!

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting the bold and powerful women of Sitel, celebrating that we’re all different, but equal. These are their stories of diversity, balance, success, gender equality and about leading the change you want to see.

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