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Jeemaime L. Apasen

What do you love most about being a Woman of Sitel?

What I love most about being a Woman of Sitel is being able to have a voice and being able to wear different kinds of hats in my role. I get to wear a mother’s hat – when a situation calls for counseling and motivation; a friend’s hat when I need to give a piece of advice to someone who has personal troubles; a leader’s hat when I need to coach someone and provide constructive or positive feedback; a financial advisor’s hat when I need to guide and give tips to trainees to save up and manage their finances for their future; and lastly, a cheerleader’s hat when I need to boost confidence and request participation in engagement activities.

What do you choose to do to make the world a more gender-equal place?

I choose to not let gender bias influence me.

Gender bias is a preference toward one gender over another, resulting in unfair differences in the way employees are treated. I believe that men, women and LGBTQ should have an equal opportunity in the workplace, be it in promotion, tasks or designated roles. It is high time for everyone in the workplace to embrace inclusion and diversity.


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