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James Lemire

Hi everyone, I’m James!
I came to Sitel some 6 years ago, when my last job shuttered. Sitel was nice enough to pick me up right away, so I didn’t lose any income.
I originally meant to make Sitel a temporary job, as my true passion was IT, but as I worked more and more at Sitel I realized this is something I can do extremely well. Moving around in the campaign I was at, to moving to another campaign entirely, has also shown me a lot about how things work in the back end of companies.
I am thankful to be able to work for a company that values it’s employees and gives us the opportunities to grow and expand within our departments. When I first joined I figured I’d just be another body on the floor taking calls, but within 3 months I was noticed for my skills and brought up to an off phones support position. Since then, every team lead I’ve ever had has done nothing but make sure my skills were put to use, and my talents were recognized.
Sitel has made my St Catharines experience so much better, because of this, and I am very proud to call Sitel part of my family.
Our differences are our strength. In honor of International Pride Month, we’re sharing stories of diversity, inclusion and working together for a better world.

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