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Gregorio Datuin

Hi Everyone! I am Greg. At the age of 23, I started with Sitel as an agent and worked my way up as a Manager. From technical support, I got transferred to Customer Support and in 6 months got promoted as Tier 2 Escalation. In the same year, I was appointed to Tier 2 Lead and eventually, to Tier 3 Escalation. I got transferred again to another account and got promoted to a Coach and now holding a Managerial Position.

Honestly, never in my dreams did I see myself growing this much in this industry. All I wanted was to provide for my family and being an agent was somehow enough to support them financially. Prior to working in Sitel, I was a fast food crew for 3 years and I was ok with it. I heard about Sitel from a friend and out of curiosity, I tried it. I was challenged with the interviews and to my surprise I made it.

I only wanted to earn just enough to support my family, but Sitel helped me a lot. It created that drive to not settle for less but always moving forward, learning, failing, growing and wanting more not only financially but being a better version of yourself every day. With all the help being provided by this company, your potential to grow is limitless and its only up to you if you are up for the challenges.

I am so glad that I am part of this family. It’s not always sunshine, but it’s always rewarding. From rags to riches and so much more to offer, this is not the end of my Sitel Story.

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