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Gail Aluyen

Here in the Philippines, crossdressers like me are still not widely accepted in all workplaces and some trans people are still forced to dress like a man to keep their jobs as they deemed it necessary for you to be respected by others.
And here comes Sitel, making a difference as they embrace the people-first culture. And I must attest, they never failed to fulfill this promise. I was accepted wholeheartedly. I never felt shy and afraid to express myself. They gave me equal opportunities to grow. I started as a CSR in 2016. In just a short span of time, from “no one”, I became “THE ONE.” I was promoted as a Coach. It is now my turn to inspire others and be an instrument in spreading the word to my brothers and sisters from the Pride Community on what Sitel has to offer and how welcoming Sitel is.
A proud Sitel Barkada. Empowered by the people-first culture. TRULY A PRIDE OF SITEL.
Kudos to Sitel for bringing love to the LGBTQIA Community. Together, let’s conquer the universe Sitel Pride Barkada!


Our differences are our strength. In honor of International Pride Month, we’re sharing stories of diversity, inclusion and working together for a better world.

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