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Ericson Ibasan

I have been in the BPO industry for twelve years within Metro Manila, where I’ve grown from an Agent to become a Manager who has developed many people. For the first time in this life journey, I came to a point where my mind battled if I still want to pursue this career or move on to a different industry. Until I had the face to face interview with my manager, where I felt like taking a risk and wanting to explore more far from my comfort zone in the same business.

I recently joined Sitel Baguio when I learned that one of their main missions is to develop people from within to become future leaders and that the majority of who’s leading the pack now is homegrown. This only proves that the company has a strong career development plan, training and certifications for its people.

Given that the company provides a competitive offer, I got excited about working with people from the countryside/regional area with different background and culture compared to where I came from.

So far, I have had a great experience learning a lot of new things from these new sets of people I meet and get to work within the company. I am looking forward to more opportunities and career development with everyone.

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