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Emilia del Carmen Munkell Aragon

“What I like about SITEL?” – It’s an understatement. I love how Sitel has given me different tools to help me grow personally and professionally. I love looking back and seeing the course I am headed, confident that I was taught at a place of excellence. I love how I have been able to balance being a mom of 3 and supported different programs along the way, from customer service to back-office support, sales and now, a Work at Home profile added to the mix.

I joined SITEL back in 2008 with curiosity about the call center industry and my very own challenge – how to incorporate my Customer Experience Background and big smile from Hotel’s front desks into phone calls. I immediately loved the multicultural piece, the young profile they had and how I was going to be part of a bigger program. I keep flashbacks on how my very first trainer, Carla, was from Albuquerque and I remember thinking how amazing she was and how I’d love to be there knowing my business and passing it on to the new folks coming in. Plus, during breaks we’d do stand up comedy videos just for the fun of it which was a huge plus.

Now, 12 years later, I find myself with a new set of Coach Apprentices and my plan in motion to build trust and help us achieve a successful Q4. I love what I do, I love the place I work at and I am very much motivated to keep supporting this big family and just pay it forward. I have been able to keep my big smile on my daily interactions after all this time and added a new challenge to it – have my “big smile” footprint on my virtual environment. Emojis’ do not count! That just makes it too easy!

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