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Bettina Schulz

On 08.02.2009, my way led me to Sitel.
Since then, I was allowed to experience incredibly great Sitel moments. Starting as a CSP, my path led me through many stations at Sitel. There is nothing I have not experienced and it is a great feeling to be part of this Sitel family.

Already in my regular job as Admin Assistant for Berlin, I am never really bored. Since I am also a member of the Sitel Marketing Team and Max Insider, Sitel once again allows me to live out my creative and crazy nature and to optimize existing Sitel processes or even create new ones.

Sitel is more than just an employer. Sitel has become a second family! In all my years, I have met the most different people and experienced the most impossible situations with them. Together we have significantly shaped this site with our unique Berlin touch.

And now we have this unprecedented challenge, which has never been seen before in Sitel history. It affects us all in the same way and challenges us enormously.

This tough time shows what it means to be there for each other, to find common solutions and implement them quickly and sustainably.

So the possibility of working from home is simply a wonderful option. And the fact that we can quickly implement even a new project is simply amazing. Everything has changed, but we are still positive about this new reality and making the best of it.

Reminder, the end is not the end. In fact, E.N.D. means: Effort never dies!

Together we grow on our challenges and so we create a new and even stronger connection, cause WE ARE SITEL!


In this unprecedented time, we’re highlighting #SitelHeroes to spark inspiration and positive conversation when we need it most. From adjusting to working from home, implementing social distancing measures in our sites and keeping up with the daily changes around the globe, we are  celebrating stories of success, motivation, overcoming challenges and more. Visit and search hashtag #SitelHeroes.

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