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Antiwonette Holloman

Thank you, Sitel! I’m Antiwonette and working from home has been amazing. Up until now I was a waitress and wondering for quite some time how I would transition back to an office position of some form. When COVID hit I worked for a very popular restaurant here in the Southeast. My shift was totally dissolved temporarily. But it immediately left me to survive on my savings until I could find more stable employment again. Now that I work from home, I get to be comfortable in minimizing the spread of COVID to my family since most of them are high risk. As a bonus, I’m in a position that allows me to help people day in and day out get connected or keep their connection to internet, home phone and tv. As we all transition into the new norm these are definitely major parts of the foundation to keep people comfortable in their homes, virtual learning and working remotely as well.

I’m definitely glad I could be a part of that. I have been through those struggles myself as most of the people in my home already work remotely and my son had to finish his senior year of high school remotely. I have so much joy when I can successfully tell a customer that everything is fixed, back connected or reassuring them we will have a technician out as fast as possible to get them connected.

United States

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