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Anja Schüler

I have been part of the Sitel family for almost 8 years. I work as a Senior HR Generalist in Magdeburg and support the employees from the signing of the contract with advice and action. My colleagues and I still work in the local office. In the current situation, we had to change some of the usual work processes. For example, new employees get their contracts by post and many inquiries are digital.

We work every day to give more employees the opportunity to switch to work from home. For this, we create contracts and enter the equipment in the system. You could say that we have an almost normal working day.

Privately, the situation affects me more because I am a big family person. For almost two months, I have been unable to visit either my family or my friends. Of course, we are writing a lot and calling each other more often, but it’s not the same. If I had known what was coming, I would have hugged my loved ones much harder than the last time I saw them. I hope to see them again soon and that everyone stays healthy.


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