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Ana Pineda

My path in Sitel began a year ago (February 24, 2020), with many expectations because I was facing a change into a new industry.

Much of my professional life as an Advertiser was spent between the automotive industry and advertising agencies. The only thing I knew about customer experience was how I felt about vendors or how I treated my clients when I was in ad agencies, but that was a small scale compared to the world of BPO.

Making the decision to leave my previous job was not easy, it was a great company, but I was ready to take the risk and accept the job at Sitel, I was ready for changes … and yes, 2020 was truly a year of change. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but my gut feeling told me I should go for it.

Three weeks after entering Sitel, COVID-19 in Colombia changed many plans. The self-quarantine began, we were under lockdown and getting used to virtuality. I was new to Sitel, living a pandemic, in a new industry and with my team far away. But none of that prevented all those changes that I initially feared from showing me that I had made the best decision.

I came to a completely diverse and inclusive company full of possibilities and opportunities for growth. I love Marketing and Communications and here I had everything to do, I found an incredible team that has been supporting me and with whom we have reaped, in this short time, many triumphs together.

Everything was new, but that taught me once again not to fear, to get out of my comfort zone because in those situations is when life surprises you and fills you with good things. The things you deserve.

Sitel Colombia

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