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Empowered Voices

These are the voices of our people.

Our People are Empowered Voices

Around the globe, Sitel Group® associates are empowered to create unique experiences: empowering themselves and empowering others – one conversation at a time. These are the voices behind the call – solving problems and delivering exceptional customer experiences (CX) every day.


Read their stories.

I've been with Sitel not just once but twice and currently being here for more than two years. There are so many great things about working for Sitel. My favorite is probably the flexibility I…

Hi ,I am Sudha and its been close to 2 years that I am with Sitel now and the journey with Sitel has been absolutely amazing.Everyone is down to earth and friendly and I look…

When I first entered Sitel...i believe it was something that was everything I wanted....the warm welcome by the trainer and high spirited leaders....even wen I had bad days they never made me feel sad about…

Share Your Empowered Voice!

Everyone has a story to tell - and we want to hear yours. Real stories about success, failure, perseverance, inspiration, work-life balance, being bold and Sitel Life around the world. As told by those who live it.

Share your story in your own words, in your own language, in your own time.

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